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January 28-29, 2019
Under the auspices of Kozminski University, Comitee of Economics, Polish Academy of Sciences and Polish Economic Society, we invite you to a special, jubilee, international conference "In Quest of a Better World: Economics and Politics"
First Day (28th January - World Day) - a series of debates with the participation of eminent economists from a dozen countries, co-authors of a special edition of the ACTA OECONOMICA (Vol. 69, Special Issue 1) "Grzegorz W. Kolodko turns 70"). Discussion will focus on the conditions and strategies for economic development, the future fate of globalization, fiscal and monetary policy and methodology of modern economics. Special attention will be paid to the Chinese development model. Keynote speech will be delivered by prof. Justin Yifu Lin, former Vice President for Development and Chief Economist of the World Bank.
Detailed program of the day
Second Day (29th January - Polish Day) - leading Polish economists, co-authors of the book published by PWN Publishing House "Economics and politics. Around the economic theory of Grzegorz W. Kolodko" (edited by prof. Elżbieta Mączyńska) will discuss the most important challenges of modern economics and politics, especially from the point of view of opportunities and threats faced by European and Polish economy.
Detailed program of the day 

If you want to participate in the conference, please register here

January 25, 2019 12:10 p.m.
Over 800 participants from Poland, Ukraine, EU countries and the USA – representatives of governments, political life, diplomacy, business, local governments, EU institutions, international organizations, analytical centers and expert circles – take part in the 12th Europe-Ukraine Forum held in Rzeszow. Among the participants is also Professor Grzegorz W. Kolodko, who speaks at the plenary session called “Can we save the economy from populism? Challenges for the region and entire continent”.

January, 23-24, 2019
As every year at this time in the Alpine resort of Davos, the World Economic Forum takes place. There is no shortage of tensions in the global economy, so the more interesting are going to be the debates in which the TIGER Director, Professor Grzegorz W. Kolodko, participates. He speaks about the Chinese challenges to the global economy.

January 2019

The book "Economics and Politics. On the Theory of Grzegorz W. Kolodko" (in Polish) has been published by Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN". This is a unique collective work, prepared under the direction of Professor Elzbieta Maczynska, President of the Polish Economic Society, by  a group of 28 outstanding Polish economists. The book appears in connection with the jubilee of Professor Kolodko.

Contents of the book (in Polish)

Palgrave Macmillan has published the paperback edition of the new book by Professor Grzegorz W. Kolodko entitled „Whither the World: The Political Economy of the Future”. The work, released in two parts, Vol. I and Vol. II, is published also in Chinese, Russian, Polish and Romanian. Let’s mention that the pictures at the both volumes covers are also made by Professor Kolodko.