The Orange Revolution and Democratic
Change in Ukraine.



The recent events that took place in November - December 2004 in Ukraine were in the focus of attention of the whole world and received the name of "Orange Revolution" in domestic and international press. On November 22, 2004 hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians came out on the streets of Kiev to protest against the falsifications taking place during the presidential elections; protesters were staying on the streets until their right of vote was properly restored. However, the meaning of this protest can not be limited to the framework of presidential elections. In 14 years of independence, the country made an unprecedented in its history leap towards democratic change. The paradox, however, of the Orange Revolution is that it happened, unlike other revolutions, at the moment of the fastest economic growth and of socio-economic stability in the country.

The participants of the seminar shall discuss the pre-conditions and the meaning of the Orange Revolution for political and economic reforms in Ukraine and also the possible impact of this event on other countries of CIS region.