Władysław Baka

The role and functions of the Bank Guarantee Fund (BFG) in the financial safety net structure.

  1. Fundamental premises, goals and institutional structure of the financial safety net in the light of theory and international experiences.

  2. Circumstances of establishment, main goals and systemic solutions of the BFG in the light of the Law of December 14, 1994. The BFG's position in the financial safety net structure in Poland.

  3. The triad of the main functions of the BFG: deposit guarantee function, assistance function, analytic and warning function. The least cost principle in the stabilization activity.

  4. The BFG's deposit guarantee activity: sources of financing, scope of deponents and depositors covered by the system, limits of deposit guarantees. The experience of deposit guarantee activity in the years 1995-2004.

  5. The BFG's assistance activity: sources of financing, criteria, forms and conditions of providing assistance to banks treated by insolvency. The experience of assistance activity in the years 1995-2004.

  6. Formation of internal and external background for functioning of the banking sector and its influence on the directions of changes in the system of deposit guarantees, with a particular consideration of European Union regulations in this area.