MaƂgorzata Runiewicz

graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics in 2000, majoring in International Economic and Political Relations. In 2001-2004 completed the Doctorate studies in the World Economy Faculty of the WSE and worked as researcher in the Baltic States Study Centre of the World Research Institute of the WSE.

Main research interests: trade and investments relations in the Baltic Sea Region; international economic competitiveness of big and small states; innovation policies, technology transfer and R&D in the Baltic Sea Region: the role of the Baltic States and Scandinavian countries.

From 2001 cooperates with the Baltic International Center for Economic Policy Studies in Riga, Tartu University in Estonia and Aleksanteri Institute in Helsinki University. Conducted the internships in the European Union Institutions and the United Nations offices (UNDP) in Brussels, Warsaw and Vilnius.

She is an author of 11 publications, 4 research works and participant of the annual NATO Advanced Workshops on innovations in the post-social countries. She speaks and writes fluently in four foreign languages: English, Russian, French and Spanish.