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The book presents results of the international conference sponsored by Telekomunikacja Polska S.A., which was held on March 29-30, 2001 at the WSPiZ.


The 'New Economy' and Its Implications for Long-Term Growth in Post-Socialist Countries




Part One: The new chance or the new challenge?


Chapter I: Grzegorz W. Kolodko:  

The 'New Economy' and the Old Problems.  The Prospects for Fast Growth in Countries of Post-Socialist Transition.


Chapter II: Andrzej Wojtyna:

Does the Traditional Economics Help Us to Understand the "New Economy"?


Chapter III: Lech W. Zacher:

The "New Economy" as an Interaction of Technology, Economy and Society.


Chapter IV: Zbigniew Bauer:

People in the Net.  Is the Internet Going to Change Our Culture and Ideology?


Part Two: Unusual business as usual


Chapter V: Stefan Kwiatkowski:

Intellectual Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Economic Development in European Post-Socialist Countries.


Chapter VI: Jerzy A. Kisielnicki:

Information Technology as a Factor Stimulating the Process of Globalization.  A Case Study of Polish Transformation.


Chapter VII: Witold T. Bielecki:

Entrepreneurs in the Face of E-Business. Opportunities and Threats for the Polish



Chapter VIII: Robert A. Rządca:

Negotiation under the New Conditions of Digital Economy.  Continuation and Change.


Chapter IX: Vito Tanzi:

The Rise of the New Economy and Its Implication for Fiscal Policy.


Part Three: The E-business. Sector Approach


Chapter X: Andrea Goldstein, David O'Connor:

E-Commerce for Development: Prospects and Policy Issues; copyright © OECD 2000


Chapter XI: Stanisław Flejterski:

The E-finance and Macro-, Mezzo- and Microeconomics. An Introduction to the Costs and Benefits Analysis


Chapter XII: Beata Świecka:

The E-banking. Implications for the Development of Banking Sector in Poland.  


Chapter XIII: Jacek Brdulak:

The 'New Economy' and Information Technologies as a Factor behind the Changes in the Polish Transportation Industry.


Part Four: The Country Case


Chapter XIV: Andrea Szalavetz:

Structural and Regional Implications of the 'New Economy' in Transition Economies.


Chapter XV: Sergei B. Perminov:

E-commerce Technologies Dissemination in Russia.


Part Five: The Global Experience and the Lessons for Regional Success


Chapter XVI: Matti Pohjola:

Information Technology and Economic Growth.  A Cross-Country Analysis.

copyright © Oxford University Press 2001, published as Chapter 11 in the ""IT, Productivity and Economic Growth"


Chapter XVII: Philip Hemmings, Stefano Scarpetta:

Links Between Policy and Growth: Cross-Country Evidence; copyright © OECD 2000


Chapter XVIII: Stephen S. Cohen, J. Bradford DeLong, Steven Weber, John Zysman:

Tools: The Drivers of E-commerce;

copyright © Brookings Institution Press, published in the BRIE-IGCC E-conomy Project ed., Tracking a Transformation: E-Commerce and the Terms of Competition in Industries (Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution Press, forthcoming June 2001)


Chapter XIX: Jorge Braga de Macedo:

From Transition to Development: a Globalization and Governance (G&G) Perspective



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