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List of papers
























Prof. Katarzyna Duczkowska-Małysz


"Globalization and the Long-term Trends in Agriculture and Rural Sector Development" (abstract)



Prof. Juliusz Gardawski


"Polish Society on the Crossroad" (abstract)



Prof. Jerzy Hausner


"Regional Policy - Economic Development - European Integration" (abstract)



Prof. Ewa Okoń-Horodyńska


"Is There a Promising Innovation Policy in Poland?" (abstract)



Prof. Grzegorz W. Kołodko


"2025: Two Patterns of Economic Development" (abstract)



Prof. Tadeusz Kowalik


"Equitable Growth and Economic Development" (abstract)



Prof. Andrzej K. Koźmiński


"Prospects for Development of the Knowledge-based Economy" (abstract)



Maciej Leśny

"Export Expansion and Acceleration of Economic Growth" (abstract)



Prof. Kazimierz Łaski


How Can Total Private Investments Influence Aggregated Private Savings and What Are "Their Implications for Economic Development?" (abstract)



Prof. Jan Monkiewicz


"National Financial Institutions and Their Role in Economic Growth" (abstract)



Dr. Grzegorz Wójtowicz - Monetary Policy Council, National Bank of Poland:


"External Balance and Economic Growth" (abstract)