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"Open Innovation Ecosystem and Open Innovation Collaboration from the Perspective of the Polish High-Techand Knowledge-Intensive Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises", Poltext 2022.

“Social Capital In the University-Based Innovation Ecosystems In the Leading Life Sciences Clusters. Implication for Poland”, Poltext, Warsaw 2020.

Innovations and Emerging Technologies for the Prosperity and Quality if Life


Knowledge Flows, Technological Change and Regional Growth in the European Union

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Towards building an eLearning environment in Poland

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Knowledge-based economy as factor of competitiveness and economic growth



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Competitiveness of Regions. The Role of Information and Communication Technologies
(Konkurencyjność regionów. Rola technologii informatyczno-telekomunikacyjnych)

Wydawnictwo WSPiZ, Warsaw 2006

Introduction (in Polish)
Table of contents (in Polish)

International Competitiveness of Baltic States
(Międzynarodowa konkurencyjność państw nadbaltyckich).

WSPiZ Publishing House, Warsaw 2006

The Impact of Foreign Direct Investments on the Export Competitiveness of the Baltic States in the European Single Market

published by Kriventa, Vilnius 2005

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